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Music Theory & Sight Singing

Music Theory

Let me begin by saying, “I LOVE MUSIC THEORY!” If you like puzzles, music theory shouldn’t be scary it should be fun.

I present music theory from the perspective of a singer, helping vocalists learn everything from their scales to set theory and Shankarian Analysis in a way that makes sense to them. Everyone can learn music’s building blocks, be able to relate it to their performing and (gasp) even enjoy it.

Sight Singing

When I was in school, I remember thinking that there was no reason for me to learn how to sight sing, goodness was I wrong! Now, there was no reason to make us sight sing at 8am, but out of all the skills I learned in school this has been the most helpful. Not only are singers often asked to sight sing in auditions but as their sight singing ability increase, the amount of time they have to spend learning music decreases.

“As an adult beginning singer, sometimes unlearning bad habits is as important as learning new ones. Carla has been great at helping me with this. She has helped me to relax while singing and has taught me a lot of good technique. Best of all she is a fun and engaging person who is a pleasure to interact with.”
– J. (age 40+, Beginning Singer)