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Performance Opportunities

Practice Auditions

Experience the reality of an audition through The Audition Experience workshop. Participants began in June by completing an entire musical theater audition. This included a song and monologue portion in front of two casting directors and two vocal professional and a dance audition with a local choreographer.

Subsequent sessions were ‘subject specific’ allowing students to focus on their performing and dancing intensely in a small group setting. The workshop culminated in a Final Audition in front of family and friends.


 As the name indicates, these are not the ferocious recitals of your past. With a heavy dose of humor students practice singing in front of an audience through these informal gatherings. Laura, a very beginning student, was terrified at the mere mention of singing at one of these ‘recitals’ in fact she made me promise that if she left for the bathroom and didn’t come back, I wouldn’t call her name to sing. Sure enough, after the first few singers, she was nervous but performed successfully and was so happy that she wanted to know when she could do another one.

Christmas Caroling Sing A Long

This is a wonderful opportunity for students of all levels to sing with and in front of seasoned professionals at a laid back holiday party. Current students had so much fun last year that they are already putting in their solo song requests December.