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Advanced Students:

Professionals and Preprofessionals
Have you been performing for awhile and just need a touch up? Are you discovering that you are a little stuck in your progress? Just need an honest opinion? Let me help you!

Ensure Your Vocal Safety!
Do you have problems making it through your performances? Just because you are successful doesn’t mean that you are doing everything you can to protect your voice for the future. Make sure that everything you are doing is going to benefit your voice in the long run.

Figure Out What’s Missing!
It can be SO hard to get an honest and HELPFUL opinion on what you are lacking to get to the next level, let me help you! Whether I need to come watch you perform in a club, on a stage or create an ‘audition’ setting to see what you do, I will go that extra mile to give you the evaluation you need.

Become A Better Musician!
Do you know why that song was written with 8th notes in the 4th measure? Believe it or not, understanding the ‘why’ of songwriting can make a HUGE impact on your performance. Let me show you the how and why of performing.