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Beginning Voice Students

Shower Singers and Karaoke Queens Everybody needs to start somewhere and for many in
Seattle, my Ballard/Crown Hill studio is that place. For those that have never (or hardly ever) sung before, this is a great place to start. I want to make sure that you are singing correctly and having fun.

Build Confidence!
Whether you are truly scared of singing in public or just sound like it, we need to make sure that you can put yourself and any potential audiences at ease. Much like defeating test anxiety, the more prepared you are, the less scary your experience will be. One former student, who cried nervously through her first warm-ups, was even able to work her way up to doing low pressure open mic nights!

Improve Their Technique!
Ever wonder HOW you should be singing? I will help you learn proper breathing for singing, how to support your sound, where your sound should resonate and what in the world all of that means!

Become Better Musicians!
Understanding the basics of how music is written and why will help improve your pitch matching ability (translation: help you sing in tune) and help you feel better about your singing abilities.