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Intermediate Students:

Open Mic Aficionados
Do you feel like you understand the basics of singing, but are still not quite where you want to be? Take your skills to the next level by improving your technique while working on your performance skills. These students will participate in a quarterly recital or equivalent performance opportunity.

Expand Your Range!
Often, one of the biggest hurdles faced by the intermediate student in learning how to use their full vocal range. Let me help you learn how to negotiate through your passagios with ease, integrate your lower, middle and top registers so they sound the same and help you expand what you already have.

Improve Your Performance!
Just because you are a good musician and have a good instrument, doesn’t mean you are comfortable performing or are doing it to the best of your abilities. I am a very experienced performer in many genres who can help you look even more professional! Remember 90% of what an audience hears is what they see!

Start Learning About The ‘Business’ and How to Get Started!
Just because you want to jump into the fast track doesn’t mean you know how. Whether it is getting together a business plan and promo materials, looking for audition postings or just figuring out what you are missing, I can help you!