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The Pitch ‘Challenged’

Do you consider yourself Pitch Challenged? Do you fear your ability to match basic pitches and stay in tune? If so, I would LOVE to help you out! Over the past 7 years, I have done a great deal of focused research on how to best teach the most beginning students learn how to match pitches consistently.

Historically singing teachers have only taught students music by ear, expecting them to be auditory learners. When that has failed, the students were tossed aside and labeled ‘tone deaf.’ What I have found is that by finding out how best a student typically acquires information, I am able to teach them in the best way to meet their needs. That means, if you are a highly visual learner, I make sure that you can understand the visual cues available to you and match pitch off of them.

One of the best examples of how this has worked is a student named Carter. About one years ago Carter came to me with a dream of being able to sing at open mic nights in Seattle. However, it became clear within the first two minutes of singing that this was going to be a difficult goal to reach. With an approximate pitch accuracy of 10% in that first lesson, he was incredibly frustrated and feared that he might never be able to succeed. What we discovered in the coming weeks was that he learned kinesthetically, needing to attach a physical action for his brain to process information. So I made him begin learning enough basic piano skills to play his melody and within three lessons of working with this, his pitch accuracy improved to 85%! Since then his accuracy has continued to improve and I am happy to say that in August of 2009 he played his first open mic night!